To children

To childrenWe thought up game under the name Find a timid doll.

To children showed two dolls one of which represented as shy and timid, and another as more courageous and selfassured.

Then we , as the answer on which children should point to one of dolls which, in their opinion, corresponds to the offered behavioural model more.

Among questions were, for example, such Who from dolls plays alone more often, Who from them does not like to talk to other people etc.

I will tell about details of this research a bit later, when conversation will go how to help small children to overcome shyness.

But I consider it necessary to give a number of important conclusions already now.

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Wasps , define, who causes

Wasps , define, who causes Wasps , define, who causes your curiosity, andask this person, whether he is ready to talk to you.

I ask pairs to disperse on a room and to settle down so,that you each other did not disturb.

Try to answer onfollowing questions What the greatest professionalsuccess foot I reached for the last year, and what my mostserious professional failure Each of you a dale wives to speak about ten minutes, telling thusabout direct circumstances and the reasons of the uspeha and failures that occurred that it made that it thusfelt, for it it had what consequences etc.

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As soon as the person

As soon as the personOne of distinctive features of the person as look ability of intelligence to contradict congenital bents.

As soon as the person descends from a way of a continuum and completely puts out of action its balancing mechanisms, there is any set of perversions for the probability of is great that the ignorant, loyal, consecutive intelligence will commit follies, for it is not capable to take into consideration uncountable quantity of the factors defining a choice of the correct behavior.

One of the most ridiculous consequences of disbelief in a continuum needs ability of adults to be made so that children escaped from them.

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Thereby we allow

Thereby we allowm Remarkably.

It is possible to play the different scenes in which one shows sensitivity, and another cruelty.

That is it is necessary to allow for girls to lose all to a sieve atsiya which they can endure in themselves.

Thereby we allow them to take out outside the experiences, to study internal properties and to give psychological assessment of the situation and to properties which created it.

Such reception releases from many problems also reduces internal tension.

And then it is possible to try the most different roles and situations – naprimeasures, relationship with parents, with boys.

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Please, do not do in drawing

Please, do not do in drawing That is it is necessary to youat first to define, in what you see distinctive osobento Nosta of each member of opposite group, and then reto sew, how you can present it.

It is necessary for you to work in team, to coordinate yoursideas and a way of their image on paper.

Think also aboutin what order you will have separate this oxen.

You also can express these something.

Please,do not do in drawing any signatures.

Other group dolzhon will guess, who where is represented.

You understood, in what the task consists At you is on itperformance of hour.

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